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In them, everyday objects suddenly sprout mouths wherever your fingers might touch them, in the hope of licking off a little of the Colonel's chickeny goodness.It's the work of Zane Zhou, along with Lamano Studio in Chile. It's been over 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales, but today it's still illegal in 72 countries around the world – and punishable by death in eight.A critique is slightly different than a traditional 5-paragraph theme, as it is usually focused on the overall effectiveness and usefulness of the work it is critiquing, rather than making a strictly analytical argument about it.

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In a clever use of illustration, the iconic 'M' becomes lights in the night, sending viewers the message that no matter what time they want to visit, even in the middle of the night, Mc Donald's is open for business.

We also love Mc Donald's recent blurry ad campaign, read about it here.

Love or hate the fast food chain, Mc Donald's knows just how to get a great print ad campaign put together.

This offering comes from the team at Leo Burnett, who followed the modern and minimal aesthetics of Mc Donald's communication with this striking visual.

IKEA Bulgaria jumped on the discussion immediately, and within a few days it had released this killer ad.

Created by advertising studio The Smarts, the design takes a bite out of Apple with its cheeky tagline and clever lower-case 'i' on the product name.

It also received 28 testimonials from readers, earning it our reader-approved status. A critique is usually written in response to a creative work, such as a novel, a film, poetry, or a painting.

However, critiques are also sometimes assigned for research articles and media items, such as news articles or features.

The print ad campaign depicts a number of different fish, misshapen by various plastic objects, with the tagline 'You eat what they eat'.

The ad goes on to encourage viewers to help clean up our oceans by donating to Sea Shepherd.


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