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The two TSA orders signal progress in updating CAPPS after an earlier attempt succumbed to pressure from privacy and civil libertarian groups.

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While most of these issues can be traced directly to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the reality is that airline security in the United States has always been lax.

As such, in the wake of the worst terrorist attack on U. soil, the airlines and the government are caught in a precarious position that requires them to produce viable results on a limited budget in a short amount of time.

One of the suggested sources is listed below: Expanded Academic ASAP Plus Commuter Regional Airline News, Nov.

22, 2004 v22 i45 p0 'Secure Flight' Gives Regionals Some Relief. air carriers to submit passenger name record information from the month of June to the agency by Nov. The information will be used to test the TSA's "Secure Flight" program that could replace the Computer-Assisted Passenger Pre screening System (CAPPS) used by airlines since 1997.Even though the solutions to improving airline security seem quite simple—government funding coupled with increases in fares from consumers—in actuality, this process has stirred more contention, debate and anger than most in recent history.The government is looking to airlines to foot the bill as safety and security are issues that have to be handled in a hands-on setting.In terms of the future, the central question that remains is what will happen to the safety of the airlines.The issue of pilot fatigue is receiving renewed attention due to the increasing evidence that pilot fatigue can be a significant aviation safety issue.Paper Masters has writers that have done studies on pilot fatigue and can help you formulate your research project on the problem.In the past, the approach to pilot fatigue has been to allocate a set amount of time in a twenty-four hour period for pilots to work and rest.The IJAAA is the peer-reviewed journal of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide College of Aeronautics.With one of the most recognized names in aviation education across the globe and almost 90 years of excellence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides a premier publication outlet for scholars, industry stakeholders, and government entities.For regional carriers with code-share agreements, their network partner will transfer the June data, said Deborah Mc Elroy, president of the Regional Airline Association (RAA).The few independent regionals will be responsible for delivering the information from their reservation systems, she added.


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