An Essay On The Material And Spiritual Universe

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After a while without any new posts, we have an interesting article from Theodore Walker Jr.

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Susan Levine was an assistant dean of the Graduate College at the University of Kansas and coeditor of The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe, Eureka, and other works.

His many books include Edgar Poe: Seer and Craftsman.

’s free newsletters."data-newsletterpromo-image=""data-newsletterpromo-button-text="Sign Up"data-newsletterpromo-button-link="https:// origincode=2018_sciam_Article Promo_Newsletter Sign Up"name="article Body" itemprop="article Body", I hesitated to read it, thinking, What more can I know about Poe?

Robinson then hooked me with her first sentence, which calls Poe "a turbulence, an anomaly among the major American writers of his period, an anomaly to this day." She went on to reveal something I definitely didn't know about Poe.

But I winced at her claim that Poe's theorizing is "perfectly sound." She makes .

Unlike modern theories of everything, which are resolutely materialist and hence unsatisfying, Poe's is ultimately mystical:"There was an epoch in the Night of Time, when a still-existent Being existed—one of an absolutely infinite number of similar Beings that people the absolutely infinite domains of the absolutely infinite space.But on these points I will speak more fully hereafter.The assumption of absolute Unity in the primordial Particle includes that of infinite divisibility.Of the two classes of consciousness, fancy that the former will grow weaker, the latter stronger, during the long succession of ages which must elapse before these myriads of individual Intelligences become blended—when the bright stars become blended—into One.Think that the sense of individual identity will be gradually merged in the general consciousness—that Man, for example, ceasing imperceptibly to feel himself Man, will at length attain that awfully triumphant epoch when he shall recognize his existence as that of Jehovah.It was not and is not in the power of this Being—any more than it is in your own—to extend, by actual increase, the joy of his Existence; but just as it is in your power to expand or to concentrate your pleasures (the absolute amount of happiness remaining always the same) so did and does a similar capability appertain to this Divine Being, who thus passes his Eternity in perpetual variation of Concentrated Self and almost Infinite Self-Diffusion.What you call The Universe is but his present expansive existence.Just before he died in 1849, when he was only 40, he wrote a book-length work titled , she elaborates, "describes the origins of the universe in a single particle, from which 'radiated' the atoms of which all matter is made.Minute dissimilarities of size and distribution among these atoms meant that the effects of gravity caused them to accumulate as matter, forming the physical universe. Armand Stuart Levine was a professor emeritus of English at the University of Kansas. and an Art-Product alone,' adding that it should also be taken as A Romance; or if I not be urging too lofty a claim, as a Poem.'"--Barton Levi St.


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