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The Development Committee also promulgates the fundamental themes of AP Biology in a variety of publications that teachers can use in their AP courses.The eight major themes include “science as a process,” “science, technology, and society,” and “evolution and regulation,” among others.

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Many students who took an AP exam completed their college degree in the disciplinary area of that exam.

Students taking AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Calculus often majored or minored in those disciplines.

Grading standards for the 2003 exam are available for review on the College Board Web site (

To ensure that the grading process is consistent and fair for all students, the readers spend considerable effort developing and clarifying the standards to be used in scoring the exams.

These themes are taught according to the AP Biology topic outline, which is divided as follows: 25% for molecules and cells, 25% for heredity and evolution, and 50% for organisms and populations.

Teachers are encouraged to use a college-level textbook to teach the AP Biology course.This question was one of the four free-response (essay) questions on the 2003 Advanced Placement (AP) Biology examination, which was taken by more than 105,000 high school students in about 6000 AP Biology classes worldwide.In addition to the four essay questions, whose conceptual breadth is demonstrated by this example, students complete a multiple-choice section with 120 questions.The free-response questions for the 2003 exam were graded during a week in June on the campus of the University of Nebraska by 350 college faculty and high school AP teachers.The readers develop the standards or scoring rubrics and then follow them as they grade the exams.The free-response questions are worth 10 points each, with considerable opportunities for partial credit.Students are given credit for what is correct and are not penalized for wrong information.For those who have attended my workshops, but didn't receive the handout, you can download it.If you have questions about the laboratories, you may wish to visit the University of Georgia AP Biology web site.These data indicate that students who typically score 4 or 5 on AP exams are well prepared for college-level academic work at the level above the traditional two-semester introductory biology sequence.We also have much anecdotal evidence from conversations over the years with college AP readers that students who receive an AP score of 3 (analogous to a grade of C) often perform at the A level when they take a two-semester college biology course.


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