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What will happen is that, you may stumble across on one of these more unusual versions of the name of the real enzyme, or you may trick the reader into thinking you’ve read a different textbook than he uses in his classroom.So he’s saying I know what he means by this that’s probably just one of those freaky little California versions of the enzyme.

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If you say in stead of saying photosynthesis only happens during the day say, typically photosynthesis only happens during the day.

That allows you to give yourself a little but of a cover to protect against any reader who happens to know nitty-gritty details that might say well what if such and such happened?

Then another point for elaboration because you’re brilliant.

Invent enzymes; every molecular process is helped by enzymes so invent one. A lot of times that winds up being the right answer.

And part of that is because I’ve sat down and I have analyzed how do they grade these essays? Similarly, I don’t really like some of the guys who grade the AP exam. You need to have sentences and don’t forget that you have verbs now and then. During the ten minutes when you’re reading the question you can jot down ideas that’s fine but when you start writing your answers it needs to be in sentence form.

Ap Biology Essay Enzymes

I feel completely and utterly happy to show you how to use their own rules against them. I’m going to begin by first just talking about generically, how should you write an AP Biology essay? Be very careful one thing that will screw kids up is the use of pronouns like it because a lot of us get very clumsy with our pronouns.Like for example, Protein Synthesis.[]You’ll talk about how all Proteins are made out of the same 20 different amino aids.Well it turns about that there’s a few evolutionary weirdness out there, where they may use 21st amino acid. But there’s a few out there that have done their research on that.[]Ever since elementary school, you’ve been practising taking multiple choice question test. But you really should know by now some basic techniques on how to address these kind of what I like to call multiple guess questions.Essays on the other hand, you did start working on how to write an essay maybe in fourth or fifth grade.If that’s all you know about Genetic engineering, if they are asking some kind of Genetic engineering question, just saying DNA holds genetic information, they might give you a point for it. If you are sitting there and you’re thing maybe this will work just toss it out there.As I tell my kids shot gun it or just vomit up all of the information that you think might apply.What they do is, by having this broad diversity and more points possible on the Rubric, then the maximum score is, they’re hoping they’ll be able to allow kids say in California who have teachers that focus on thing to be getting points just like the kids in Florida, whose teachers may be covering other stuff that the California teachers aren’t.Next up if you draw any pictures make sure you show them exactly what you mean.Let’s start with read the question.[]They give you ten minutes to read all four questions on the essay. They started doing that several years ago, I don’t know when you’re going to watch this. If they say compare and contrast, they want how are they similar, how are they different. If you wan to maximize your score you need to write something for every single part.[]Usually the way they break it down is if there’s three parts then the part A is worth four points, part B is worth four points and part C is worth four points. What that does is it allows you to say get four points here, three points here and three points here and you still get a max 10.And what happened is that they had discovered when they gave kids just 90 minutes to read and write, a lot of kids were just reading them way too fast, and had no idea what they were actually writing an answer to. Because they recognize that the breath of the AP exam, it covers, as they told me 130% of what any one freshman college class in Biology can cover.


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