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Read this article to find out how to format dissertation appropriately.

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Those of lower levels may not be presented in the TOC unless they give readers important data. If such material is essential, embed it by presenting its heading along the binding. In diverse citation styles, APA excluded, avoid repeating author’s name if you are using several of his/her works.

In case the next source has the same author as the preceding one, use ten underscore items ending with a period, and a comma in case the author is indicated first in the sequence of new authors. The cited source has to be entirely presented on one page.

As well as in MLA, the block quotes and references may or may not be double-spaced.

A title and copyright pages are counted as the first and second pages respectively, numbers excluded.

The year when your degree is conferred on you is the copyright date. Here, the headings and subheadings should be presented in the way they are mentioned in the paper including the Level 2.

Apply the following dissertation format: The copyright page is marked as ii. Indicating the headings belonging to lower levels is not obligatory.Start using Arabic numerals with the first page of the Chapter 1 and continue till the last page, appendices included.The numbers on all pages within the chapter as well as on the first page of every chapter and section are to be located by 3/4″ from the top or bottom edge and centered between the margins.The headings should be indented according to their level.Look at the example presented below: Do not forget to provide readers with explanatory material you are using in your work.Leave three blank lines before every heading, after every principal paper section and chapter heading.Leave a blank line between the headings if they follow each other. The first letter of the words a heading includes (except for articles, prepositions, and conjunctions) has to be capitalized. If any of the entries in the numbered list occupy more than two lines, extra lines may start at the margin or indent the whole paragraph to the right of the indicated numbers.Use lowercase Roman numerals (v, ix, etc.) to identify all the following pages till the first page of a text.The numbers are to be centered between the margins and put by 3/4″ from the bottom edge of a sheet of paper.There should be three blank lines between the text and a table (figures) or vice versa.If it is possible, print about four lines of the text after the compiled table.


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