Argumentative Essay About Public Transportation

Argumentative Essay About Public Transportation-7
Firstly, I will be talking about the disadvantages of it. This can be another reason for falling into a serious illness of someone.Disadvantages Delay Public Transport causes some passengers to wait at the station or at the bus stop, which really wastes a person’s valuable time. In this case any children or any other adult person will lose out on something which is really essential.

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This can be done by creating segments in the public transportation system,1.

A higher service quality for which the fare will also be little lighter as the choice riders’ affordability range is higher and 2.

A comparatively lower service quality which will sustain itself with a lower fare and also will fit within captive riders’ pocket.

Ways to get funds to improve the service-quality of entire transportation system:1.

Keeping in mind that anything we do will need money and money cannot be grown in trees.

In order to attract both types of riders towards public transport system we need to keep the fare within affordable range of the user groups and need to uplift the quality of the service to match the choice riders’ needs.

The technical term for the second argument is “public good.” It’s good for everyone if transportation costs are reduced – workers can get to more jobs, companies can choose from more workers and more suppliers, people can take more spur-of-the moment road trips to outlet malls, etc.

will say that making the price zero don’t make it free – somebody somewhere is paying – and he’s right, but under some conditions you can probably show that making everyone pay to make transit free for some people actually makes everyone collectively better off.

In India we have a huge range of users ranging from a homeless person to a millionaire.

There are two types of users according to the literature: Choice riders and Captive riders.


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