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There are circumstances in which the member may choose, for the benefit of the company, to assign part or all of his interest in the company.Assignments are addressed by state law, and even though the specifics are left to the individual LLC's articles of organization and operating agreement, state law sets out the basic requirements for handing off a member's share of an LLC.An assignee of a Member's Membership Interest shall be admitted as a substitute member and shall be entitled to all the rights and powers of the assignor (to the extent assigned), provided that (i) the Manager approves in writing the substitution of the assignee for the assignor as a member, and (ii) the assignee accepts, adopts, approves and agrees, in writing, to be bound by all of the terms and provisions of this Agreement.

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Unlike corporate shareholders who are usually one step removed from the action, LLC members often have a hand in the day-to-day operations of the company.

A member is often a company founder and takes a personal interest in company growth and direction.

In Florida, for example, assignees are not automatically allowed the rights and privileges of LLC members, but are restricted to receiving the specified portion of the assigning member's monetary interest in the LLC.

This interest includes the assigning member's share of profit, loss, income distribution and credit.

Except as provided in subsection A of § 13.1-1040, an assignment does not entitle the assignee to participate in the management and affairs of the limited liability company or to become or to exercise any rights of a member.

Unless otherwise provided in the articles of organization or an operating agreement, such an assignment entitles the assignee to receive, to the extent assigned, only any share of profits and losses and distributions to which the assignor would be entitled. Unless otherwise provided in the articles of organization or an operating agreement, a membership interest in a limited liability company may be evidenced by a certificate of interest issued by the limited liability company.

No portion of the Membership Interest of the Class B Member may be transferred, conveyed, assigned or pledged at any time without the prior approval of Class A Members holding at least a majority of the then outstanding Class A Common Units, except for Permitted Transfers.

Upon any assignment, conveyance or transfer permitted hereunder, the assignee shall succeed to the rights and obligations of the assigning Member in respect of its interests in the Company so transferred and such assignee shall become a member in the Company; provided, however, that such assignee must agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, and evidence such agreement by executing a copy of this Agreement or a joinder thereto simultaneously with receiving such assignment of Membership Interests and as a condition to being admitted as a Member in the Company.

State LLC laws provide for assignment of either whole or partial interests in an LLC formed in that state subject to any prohibition or restrictions presented by the operating agreement or articles of organization.

Alternatively, state law may restrict any assignment except as allowed in either corporate document.


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