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The gentleman managing the author’s estate accepted my audition and sent me the full manuscript.To my dismay, the manuscript reflected egregious sexism.

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The ACX experience is a lot like old school want ads, except that it’s free.

A rights holder can search over 50,000 samples to find the narrator s/he wants, or choose to post a “want ad” describing his/her book and offering an audition script.

Though this has happened only once in my audiobook career, it should have happened twice.

I once auditioned to narrate and produce a little-known book by a big-name author who had passed away.

For my first three audiobook projects I carpeted our bedroom closet and worked in there.

I’ve heard tell of some producers getting away from neighborhood noise by pulling a car into a garage, rolling up all the windows and setting up recording gear in the passenger seat (though this sounds a bit odd, a car in a garage is stunningly silent).

Then the faculty editors and agents listen to each page as I (and another voiceover/narrator pal of mine) read each page.

Afterward, the panel members comment on what in that first page might pull them in or give them pause.

In my experience, rights holders accept or reject auditions pretty quickly, but they can also contact a narrator/producer, offer insight, and ask him/her to submit another audition.

I’ve found the ACX website is very slick and easy to navigate.


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