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They think that the action itself is when the ball is put into the play by the batter, others think, that action in baseball starts only as soon as one of the players gets a hit.

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According to Elias, one of the scientists, who studied the relations between the vision of American Dream and playing baseball, “hard work is no guarantee of financial reward, gender and racial equality remain fictions, and injustice, political repression, and limited economic choices are reality for many Americans.

Baseball represents the “American Dream” and reflects “both the successes and failures of the American way” (Riess 13).

The problem of those, who don’t like the game is that they simply don’t know it sufficiently enough to be able to get pleasure from at least watching it, moreover even playing it.

Not all views of baseball are able to single out the differences between a curve ball and a fastball for example.

And in reality each pitch – this is a strategy, and baseball is really a metal game along with physical abilities.

There are a lot of professional and amazing baseball players nowadays, but my favorite is still Bryce Harper, professional baseball outfielder for Washington Nationals.Baseball – this is a bat-and-ball game, which is played between two teams, each of them consisting of nine players.“The offense attempts to score runs by hitting a ball thrown by the pitcher with a bat and moving counter-clockwise around a series of four bases: first, second, third, and home plate.Tennis players are taking part in duels, standing one opposite of the other, baseball could be considered a duel only for some period of the game, still being not less intense and attention attracting than that of tennis.Some people tend to criticize baseball for the lack of action, but in fact this is a huge mistake.Some scientist talk about “the increasing corporatization, changing material conditions, and technological improvements that have created the same disparities of wealth in the sport as in the society” (Block 48).Others find the reflection of social implications of women in baseball in the culture of the country.As soon as you view and follow each pitch, you will not be able to complain that there is not action in this game or the actions are too slow.In this relations baseball is even quicker than a football.Finally the researcher concludes, that baseball has all the chances to contribute seriously to the formation of the egalitarian society and make the notion of American Dream more real.Viewing baseball from the social and cultural points of views helps partially to understand, why so many people adore this game, are fascinated by watching it and playing it.


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