Because I Could Not Stop For Death Essay

Because I Could Not Stop For Death Essay-74
She constantly fought with depression as a child and It continued Into her adulthood. She was able to change her view on death and this poem shows what her beliefs were about death.Dickinson did not title any of her poems so the title given to this poem is Just the first line.

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Here, as the poem begins, he takes the form of a charming suitor who 'kindly' stops, and maintains his 'civility' throughout their journey.

As we progress through the poem, however, the reader becomes increasingly suspicious that the apparently benevolent Death has not, in fact, got Dickinson's best intrests at heart.

She personifies death as a gentleman who takes her for a relaxing ride on a carriage literally through memory lane.

In stanza one, Death picks her up in a carriage with Immortality as another passenger.

Commentary – When reading this poem I visualize a deep and introspective woman imagining that she will find recompense for the loneliness of her life in a beautiful afterlife.

This is touching, but the philosopher in me doubts any of this is true.

Here is probably her most well-known poem, followed by a brief analysis.

Analysis – In this poem, Dickinson speaks from beyond the grave about death—personified as a gentleman who picks her up in a carriage.

Despite it's bleak outlook however, the poem still stands a facinating exploration of the nature of the next world.

Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) was born in Amherst, Massachusetts.


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