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If they choose one that is too broad, help them narrow their focus a bit,” recommends Fernando Horne, ESL teacher at Academized.You might also need to help them shape their topic into an actual stance.

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Show them how each of these paragraphs explains one of their points.

Begin each one with a sentence that makes a point in support of their thesis.

If it suits the tone of the essay, a joke can be effective at getting the reader’s attention.

Or, they could open things with a quotation that is relevant, interesting, and maybe even inspirational.

Then explain that point in the rest of the paragraph.

Show them how to explain points clearly by breaking things down into short and simple sentences.

Before you get into teaching essay writing, make sure your students have a firm grasp of sentence building fundamentals.

Go over how to write simple, compound, and complex sentences.

They need to be familiar with these, because they are the building blocks of more complex writing, such as essays.

Work on equivalencies by practicing coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and then moving on to preposition and conjunction adverbs.


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