Books Are Dead Essay

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is one of my favorite books (I also love the movie adaptation), and it was a delight to see it through Bolin’s eyes.

But as soon as I hit the second third of the book, titled “Lost in Los Angeles,” all the zip left.

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And all the choices that the publisher made here left me feeling baited and switched.

The best fix I can think of would be to publish this as two books.Either read it in small doses or skip it–taken as a cohesive collection, I think this one’s a dud.Disclaimer: This work was produced by one of our expert writers, as a learning aid to help you with your studies.Discussing the position of print media in the digital era, Hooper (2012) expresses a view that “reports of the ‘death of print’ have been greatly exaggerated” (n.p.).To prove his opinion, Hooper (2012) mentions some examples of the increasing interest in print media.Even the ones that I think work less well than the others are still very good.But as one book meant to be read altogether, is full of treasures, but they’re best enjoyed one by one instead of consecutively.This essay is aimed at discussing whether print media are really dead in the 21st century.Drawing on the recent research evidence and authoritative opinions, the essay attempts to generate an in-depth analysis of the vitally important issue.In an attempt to persuade the public of the ultimate end of print newspapers, magazines, and books, the advocates present print media as fully outdated, expensive, and impractical (Anderson, 2014).What becomes evident from their pressure on the public is that they have initiated “a zero-sum game – print must die for digital to prevail” (Anderson, 2014, n.p.).


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