Business Continuity Plan Steps

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The first step to developing a business continuity plan is identifying mission-critical, or tier 1 applications for production, sales, marketing and other lines of business that must be continually operating to support the needs of your organization.

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Once you’ve completed testing, the cycle is complete and begins again.

Periodically reassess risks, impacts and strategies, make corrections as necessary, and re-test frequently to ensure the most effective plan.

_________________ 5nine offers a unified cloud management platform that takes care of your backup and recovery needs.

5nine Cloud Manager takes your tier 1 applications to other physical sites, replicates them to Azure, centrally manages and secures multiple environments and monitors all virtual machine performance from the convenience of a single-pane-of-glass console.

Finally, it’s time to create a concise, well organized and easy-to follow document or set of documents.

Consider everyone that may use the plan, and document it in a way that will be most useful when your business is suffering an interruption.

This step will help you understand what downtime is going to cost you and how much time you need to recover and make sure that your losses are at a complete minimum. Organizations supporting data centers with a high data change rate will often opt-in for an onsite backup strategy that provides quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

In the case of a server failure, especially due to a natural disaster, onsite backup won’t mean anything and your files will be lost if they’re kept onsite.

Your organization’s approach to disaster recovery and business continuity largely depends on the individual nature of your business.

Planning a reliable disaster recovery/business continuity strategy is no longer an option.


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