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The internet is an abundant source of information, and web browsers make it easy to copy text and images.Just because it is technically easy to copy from internet sources, .Another complication with Capstone documentation is that the information about the design changes as the design evolves.

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The technical content in the report will not be efficiently transmitted if the report is disorganized or poorly written. Writing well requires learning how to edit and revise your own writing.

Conversely, regardless of how well the prose is written, the report needs to be built upon sound engineering and provide concrete evidence to support the conclusions. Therefore, it is wise to practice writing regularly.

For a project like Capstone that spans several months, it is wise to continuously document your work as opposed to waiting until an approaching deadline.

Get in the habit of writing small reports for yourself that document tasks as they are completed.

Imagine that you are writing a report that you would want to read.

Imagine that you will have to make an important decision based on the information in the report.

Furthermore, the digital CAD files and computer programs need to be made available in a format that engineers can easily reuse in continued development of the design.

To manage the scope and variety of information necessary to document a design, student teams create a digital archive to store information in different formats.

For example, a summary of key client requirements would be included in the final report, and the reader would be referred to the details documented in an earlier report.

A second complication with evolving information is when the team has knowledge at a later stage that requires revision of work completed at an earlier stage.


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