Charles By Shirley Jackson Theme Essay

The author takes a typical woman and gives her the typical response to someone different from her.

Shirley Jackson says a lot about how people will react in that kind of situation.

Not that the recording — featuring the voice work of Cassandra Campbell, Gabrielle de Cuir, Kathe Mazur and Stefan Rudnicki — was other than superb.

The problem was that these stories were such breathtaking marvels that they made virtually everything in “Let Me Tell You” seem trivial and inconsequential.

She shows how people judge what they don't know a common mistake among all of us.

"Charles", another short story written by Jackson, also reveals human nature.It is a great tradition that has been going on for years.People just seem to go along with it, without stopping to think what it really means.She takes a typical family and shows that behind what is visible to us, could be something no one expected.In this story, a mother refuses to look at what is right under her nose, for fear of discovering something that she doesn't want to see- her precious innocent little boy causing serious trouble.Yet there was a time when English majors devoured “The Armed Vision,” Hyman’s strongly opinionated survey of 20th-century criticism, and graduate students carried copies of “The Tangled Bank,” his study of Darwin, Marx, J. Since Jackson died of heart failure at 48 in 1965, her work has never lacked for admirers, especially among aficionados of contes cruels and tales of existential disorientation.“The Lottery” itself remains the rare classic that, once read, is never forgotten.Many people, I would guess, can even remember exactly when and where they first experienced this parable about the horror of blind obedience to ancient tradition.I was in eighth grade and still find one particular sentence, near its end, the acme of Jackson’s low-key but pitch-perfect artistry: “The children had stones already, and somebody gave little Davy Hutchinson a few pebbles.” When first published in the New Yorker, “The Lottery” elicited more mail than any other story in the magazine’s history.In the short stories written by Shirley Jackson, the author shows the reader how people act in different life situations.Good examples of her stories that portray this are "Charles", "The Lottery", and "After You My Dear Alphonse".


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