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Since antiallergic and antacids work on different receptors, they not interfere each other. Name a substance which can be used as an antiseptic as well as disinfectant? 0.2% solution of phenol acts as antiseptic while its 1% solution is acts as disinfectant. Name the sweetening agent used for a diabetic patient? Any artificial sweetner like saccharin aspartame, or alitame may be added to sweets. Therefore in hard water, soaps get precipitated as calcium and magnesium soaps which being insoluble stick to the clothes as gummy mass. Aspirin is pain relieving antipyretic drug but can be used to prevent heartattack. These do not allow moisture and air to enter the material and hence bacteria cannot drive on them. This activity should be easy to adapt, this activity was performed during class in a computer lab, but could also be given as a homework assignment. The students were instructed to use these resources and then write down on a piece of paper an example of when they use the same math process as used in stoichiometry, during their every day life. At the end of the time, the students handed in their work and were graded based on if they came up with a correct example or not.

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Enzymes have active sites which bind the substrate quickly and effectively.

What are biodegradabed and non-biodegradable polymer. Non biodegradable detergents:- The detergents containing branched hydrocarbon chains are not easily degraded by microorganism and hence are called biodegradable polymers Example:- Sodium 4 – (1, 3, 5, 7 – tetramethyloctyl) benzene sulphonate. Explain the term, target molecules, or drugs forget as used in medicinal chemistry?

This could be considered level II according to Bloom's taxonomy, where they do have to relate the concept to their own experiences to build connections.

This activity could be used to supplement the lecture portion of stoichiometry.

In it­self, soap is a sodi­um or cal­ci­um salt of a high-molec­u­lar sat­u­rat­ed fat­ty acid (palmitic acid).

It is sim­ple to make, through the re­ac­tion of sodi­um hy­drox­ide and a long-chain acid (nat­u­ral­ly, in this case we are talk­ing about house­hold soap – more aro­m­a­tiz­ers are used in mak­ing toi­let soap).

Equnil is a tranquilizer and it is used for removing depression and hypertension. Morphine is an alkaloid and it is used as an analgesic. Sodium rosinate, Sodium silicate, Sodium Carbonate are added to laundry soaps to increase their leather forming ability. Glycerol is added to shaving soaps to prevent them from rapid drying.

Substances which are added to soaps to change their properties in order to make them more useful for a particular application are called the fillers Example:- i.

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