Chicago Musical Essays

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These tribe members are hooked in to Chicago’s mainline, embodying the grit that is responsible for the city’s reputation of musical prestige. But being the number one murder capital in the country isn’t so good either.”“We aren’t angry that business and creativity have become one.

They’ve battled against racial stereotypes, weaved their way out of becoming socio-economic statistics, and have emerged as the acts responsible for some of the world’s more timeless tracks.“I remember when were in New York and people heard we were from Chicago. Some people do business, some play the artist game. Take streaming; streaming services have created new avenues. They haven’t got record deals, but now they have the ability to be seen.

Shelly Berg closes the show with an exhilarating performance of the seminal boogie woogie piece which had a deep influence on the development of boogie woogie blues in 1920s' Chicago.

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Descartes’ brilliance collapsed when his haphazard proofs of God’s existence were repudiated. Instead, he began a dissertation on the mechanisms of the universe. ” I asked again and again only to be met with another wave of explanations.

William James simply dismissed the question as unanswerable. “That is what empirical evidence indicates.” He retorted constantly.

There were segregated nightclubs, of course, but increasingly, cabarets were "black and tans" where the races mixed freely.

Black vaudeville houses put on midnight shows where whites sat in the balconies, just as blacks would do in white theaters Chicago’s cabarets and vaudeville theaters put on great shows.

And Vernel sings one of Jelly's lesser-known compositions, a love song, called "Why?

" In the Twenties Chicagoans listened and danced to jazz in all sorts of settings.


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