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Neither of the sticks could reach the banana alone and the only possible way to reach the banana was to join the two sticks.Initially, Sultan showed all customary reactions that a chimpanzee shows inside a cage, and gradually tried to draw the banana towards him with the sticks.Many researchers have studied chimpanzees to learn about their problem solving skills.

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Sultan immediately grabbed the banana when faced with the same problem next day.

The first is that insight represents seeing clearly into the heart or essence of a situation, and the other is that we do not do this by a step-by-step process, but partially by unconscious processes.

Kohler believed that the solution could not occur until the chimpanzees had a cognitive insight about how to solve the problem.

This method, although sometimes can occur, is not the best way to pass the AP Psychology exam.

To further elaborate on its definition, insight learning is the type of learning, in which one draws on previous experience and also seems to involve a new way of perceiving logical and cause-and-effect relationship.

Insight is an awareness of key relationships between cause and effect, which comes after assembling the relevant information and either overt or covert testing of possibilities.After countless fruitless efforts, Sultan nearly gave up, but as he was playing with the sticks, he managed to touch the banana by pushing a stick with another stick.Sultan accidentally managed to join the two sticks and with its help, it pulled the banana inside the cage.Insight learning occurs when one suddenly realizes how to solve a problem.Sometimes when you are taking a test you happen upon a problem that you have no idea how to solve. Hopefully before you hand the test in, but most of the time the answer comes to you that night in the shower.Although insight learning suggests sudden realization of a solution, insight is not a process that occurs out of the blue.Having the idea or concept is not enough; it needs to be taken back to the thinking and working stage so that it can be materialized.Insight learning is among various methods of Behavioral learning process, which is a fundamental aspect of Behavioral Psychology The psychologist gained fame with his studies on cognitive processing involved in problem-solving by animals.His tests in Tenerife in the 1910s with chimpanzees suggested that these animals solved problems by understanding – like human beings, instead of going through Insight learning refers to the sudden realization of the solution of any problem without repeated trials or continuous practices.Learning through such insight is called insight learning.Köhler placed a chimpanzee named Sultan inside a cage.


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