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READ MORE When I was approached last December about the possibility of bringing this commencement address, it was because of the thought, or hope, that I might be able to cast light on the problem of how to balance the intellectual life...READ MORE "In the schools of antiquity philosophers aspired to impart wisdom.

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Both systems are “blind” in the sense that the edicts...

READ MORE What is business (manufacturing, commerce) for?

His moral standards for human beings flow from his moral character, and therefore they apply to all people in all cultures for all of history (although the Bible also contains many temporary commands intended only for specific people at a specific time). He is holy, and he commands us to be holy (1 Peter ).

He is merciful, and he commands us to be merciful (Luke ).

Most leaders, as well as people generally, not only accepted this basis as a...

READ MORE Students in our colleges and universities live constantly in a tension between two authority systems: one more or less vaguely associated with science and the other with religion.READ MORE [Abstract: I have only tried to deepen our understanding of the issues surrounding the secular assumptions of much current psychology by doing four things: One, pointing out how the drive toward secularism or naturalism in psychological method is supported upon...READ MORE In a certain traditional and obvious sense, the human being is a substance, with observable properties and deeper-lying characteristics (properties and dispositions).In modern colleges our humbler aim is to teach subjects." - A. Whitehead "The whole value of history, of biography, is to increase my self trust, by demonstrating what...READ MORE "Whoever remains caught up within the sphere of general reflections may allow himself to be deceived by the psychologistic arguments.Every pastor, sooner or later, faces the contradictory demands of being a professional and being in ministry.A professional has a schedule to keep, credentials to...READ MORE Day after day we read news stories that underscore the dark impact of the fading of moral knowledge from public view. A professor and pastor discuss the new language of making disciples.The 2018 publication of Dallas’s The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge has inspired us to take action toward restoring... Above the entrance to the philosophy department at the University of Southern California, where Dallas Willard has taught...A mere glance at any one logical Law, at its true meaning and at the insightfulness with which it is...READ MORE "Piety" refers to the inward and outward states and acts that constitute a life of devotion--chiefly to God, but commonly extended to parents, as when we speak of "filial piety," and by further extension to any relationship appropriately similar to...


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