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Comparing to his father, if David had told Joseph about his abilities, it is obvious that major negative consequences would occur to David and the others.Uncle Axel was discussing about the Fringes when he gave a very brief response and David says, “it was the sort of uninformative answer my father would have given…

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David wanted to be normal and live a life without his telepathic abilities and Uncle Axel comforts him by saying the pure truth. They all think they know, just as we think we know, but for all we can prove the Old people themselves may not have been the true image.” (64) Uncle Axel questions and thinks independently of the Waknuk people.

At some point he even wonders if David and those who have these special gifts aren’t actually closer to the image of God, and if the telepathy isn’t actually a gift from God.

Other than that, normal people certainly did not deserve the rights to destroy mutants just because they were not shaped like God’s image,“You-- my own son-- Were calling upon the Devil to give you another hand! You found fault with the Norm.” (Wyndham 26) David’s dad strongly disapproved his son to even think about being a mutant.

It was a serious sin to want to be or think to be a “human” imaged against God’s will.

It was obvious that the Waknuks were injustice to the mutants.

Being rude and wanting to destroy the mutants was not fair as well. Just because they have physical or mental disabilities, or that they do not look how a perfect human should look, they do not deserve to be treated poorly.

Written by John Wyndham, The Chrysalids tells the reader about Joseph and his life, which revolves around religion.

Joseph, as the reader learns, is an extremely religious, authoritive, and temper mental man.

Because of Joseph’s believes that God was punishing humanity with mutations, he is very radical on his views, to the point that even an irreverent comment made by his son can make him to overreact.

He believed that his son committed a major sin, because for someone who was blessed to be born in the ‘Image of God’, wanting a deviational body was beyond acceptance and understanding.


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