Cover Letter To Hiring Manager

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Hi, I'm Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for Top Resume.

I'm a certified professional career coach and resume writer who is passionate about helping job seekers find careers they love, faster.

ideally, the reader will also be reviewing your resume, but your cover letter can be the eye contact and handshake that get the conversation don’t want to give away the farm, so to speak—the person will be reading your resume, so you don’t want to just summarize the same bullet points.

instead, use 1-3 sentences as a narrative line for your resume/qualifications.

yes, the reader knows that they can email you with any questions, but it’s a conversational way to close out the letter and move the reader on to your closing example:i would love to have the opportunity to join your team, and look forward to hearing more about the benefits coordinator position.

please let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s any more information i can provide about my experience coordinating these examples, one writer reminds the reader that the writer is focused on this job and his or her qualifications for it.

i’ve worked with companies of more than 500 employees (like vandelay industries), and i understand the organizational and communications challenges that can arise along the way.

i’ve spent my career working to make those challenges into opportunities for better and more efficient communication throughout the company.

they’re reading your words, but those words are often intended for someone else’s eyes (the hiring manager, a hiring committee, etc.).

but if you’re applying to join an hr department, it’s possible that the person who reads your cover letter first is someone who will have significant input into whether or not you move on to the next level (or, even more importantly, whether you get the all-important offer).


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