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That's really the balance that you want to achieve in a fantasy narrative; a feeling of the unfamiliar, in a world completely unlike our own, but also with similarities.This makes it easier to write than trying to come up with something completely different and alien, because you may allow yourself to lapse into making references to things the writer and reader will be familiar with, without seeming lazy or apathetic to creating an original setting.

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We in the US have so many sexual curses due to its perceived "dirtiness" in our highly-religious culture, thus increasing the shock value of certain terms. Think of what would be offensive or rude by the standards of the society your characters live in.

To use an example, the term "mudblood" in Harry Potter is highly offensive due to the unique wizarding culture developed by J. Another common lapse is the use of Earth units of measurement and currency.

Many units of measurement have historically been based on the dimensions of the human body; a foot was originally the length of a human foot, some things were measured in hand-spans, and an inch developed from the width of the human thumb.

These might provide insight into coming up with an original measurement system, if you are so inclined.

Are promiscuous women punished as prostitutes, or glorified as powerful?

Do women take their husbands' names, or the other way around, or neither?

The point of fantasy is not to emulate the world with which we are familiar. For example, do not necessarily assume that they bury their dead.

Some Asian cultures leave the bodies for scavengers to, well, scavenge, thus symbolically allowing the body to become one with all living creatures.

Don't: Reference Earth The major thing that all fantasy authors must watch out for is accidentally making reference to places, people, objects, and concepts that exist in their own world, but not in the world in which their story is set.

There are many different ways that this appears in fiction, and I will point out all the most common mistakes and what can be done to correct them.


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