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Sentence Frames Sentence frames provide an opportunity for students to use key vocabulary while providing a structure that may be higher than what they could produce on their own.For example, if students are to compare two ocean creatures, they might say something like "Whales have lungs, but fish have gills." In the preceding sentence, the simple frame is "______ have ________, but _______ have _______.This is another activity for reluctant writers and we are super excited to hare it with you!

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Students are often asked to compare characters in a story or important events in history, summarize a list of events and more.

Sentence frames, starters and signal words can help them to be more successful in learning both content and academic language.

This set of 102 pages includes 11 chapters, 6 awesome Montessori resources and 12 very helpful printable charts and lessons.

Kids will practice storytelling with the help of some sentence starters.

This fantastic e Book is what is going to set you up for success when it comes to planning to teach Montessori at Home.

This e Book will give you the knowledge and confidence to get you started!It has a set of six printable dice to help kids get their creative juices flowing when it comes to writing sentences, paragraphs and stories. You can make these dice with interesting sentence starters that change every time the dice get rolled!These printables have six DIY dice: two subject dice, two verb dice and two predicate dice.To make these funny sentence starters dice, print them out in black and white on cardstock.The dice are labeled (subject, verb and predicate), just in case you just want to print them all on white cardstock, but printing them in color cardstock is best for the sake of the game.These forms are the structure of language and include the complexity of the sentences as well as specific signal words that indicate the language function.Some language functions appear more frequently in the study of academic subjects, including compare and contrast, sequencing, and asking questions.In my case, the subject dice are blue, the verb dice are pink and the predicate dice are green.You can print yours in any preferred colors for you or your kids.This list of sentence starters done necessarily create a complete sentence, but they sure get your thoughts rolling in that direction.I printed these in three different colored cardstock papers to differentiate the subject, the verb and the predicate.


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