Creative Writing Sentences

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Each sentence contains a subject and a predicate, expressed or implied.

As we learn any language our sentences increase in complexity.

Simple remember that complements complete predicates. There are five complements in English sentence structures: A predicate noun or pronoun names the subject of a sentence.

Most sentences with a predicate noun or pronoun use a conjugation of to be.

Indirect objects can conserve words and increase precision.

She gave a treat; it was the treat being acted upon by the cat’s owner.We prefer simple subjects when possible, using collective nouns or pronouns instead of subjects joined by conjunctions.A complete subject is a simple subject and any modifiers of the simple subject. You should be able to identify the complete subject of a sentence easily since it normally precedes the verb.Some people believe the more complex a sentence, the more impressive. In grammar, we classify sentences by their functions. The predicate makes a statement, asks a question, gives a command, or expresses a state of being.There are four basic sentence types in English: The subject of a sentence contains the “who? A complete sentence contains a subject and predicate. When there is more than one subject in a sentence, the group of subjects is known as the compound subject.The cat was not a direct object of an action, but in the second sentence it is the indirect object.A compound sentence has two or more independent clauses connected by a conjunction or semicolon.These sentences are not passive because no action is involved.John Smith names the author; the author is not doing anything in this sentence.You can identigfy the function of a subordinate clause by how it modifies the subject of the sentence.The clause can name (noun), describe (adjective), or explain a condition (adverb).


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