Critical Thinking And Technology

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He’s using his digital class to talk about the pedagogy behind learning.

So he’s talking about Carol Dweck's work in terms of the mind growth set.

I believe that teaching students digital and critical thinking skills matters more than teaching them how to ace a test.

To prepare students for lifelong success, we must encourage them to brainstorm new ideas and embrace the new tools at their fingertips.

There are a great number and variety of standards that students are expected to meet using critical thinking skills such as analyzing, evaluating, and assessing; this is because critical thinking is essential for students to lead productive lives. However, most people’s skills are not as well developed as they could or should be, and there is a clear link between critical thinking and student success.

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Almost 30 years ago, Facione (1990) argued that critical thinking is also necessary for societies to hang together, stating, “Being a free, responsible person means being able to make rational, unconstrained choices. Scholars agree, however, that schools are not the most productive learning environments for critical thinking, and that schools need to take a stronger focus on critical thinking.

A person who cannot think critically, cannot make rational choices. Critical thinking is part of a group of cognitive abilities and personal characteristics called higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

And, those without the ability to make rational choices should not be allowed to run free, for being irresponsible, they could easily be a danger to themselves and to the rest of us” (p. That sentiment is even more applicable in the age of the Internet and world unrest as humans prepare for an unknown future. These skills also include creative thinking (chapter 5) and problem solving (chapter 6).

This not only improves their academic performance, but it also it teaches them the importance of clear communication and continuous feedback.

It’s common for students to accept a teacher’s revisions to their work without considering why specific changes are made.


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