Daft Punk Homework Discovery

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Disco was much more, and much better than all that.

Disco was too great and too much fun to be gone forever. I just hope it will be in our own lifetimes.” Little did Mr.

This is the arena of voyage and discovery, and so any criticism of nebulous genre definition speaks volumes of the critic’s comfort zone, and not the focus of the band.

Since the release of , Daft Punk have done nothing but take increasing steps to secure themselves as world-leaders.

In a strange period of history where the music press sometimes entertained a silly battle of abstracts–EDM is a weaker art form than Rock Music–Daft Punk poured unbridled creativity into their first engagement with the world.

With the patchy, rough sounding tracks of they showed the advocates of Rock that Dance music could hold it’s own in the mosh-pits, and that cross-pollination wasn’t a gimmick, but that it offered exciting rewards–the likes of which had never been heard before.Stillman know that but three years after the film’s release, marks a departure from the electric-centric stylings of Daft Punk’s debut.Clocking in at just over an hour, the record consists of 14 largely upbeat tracks with a clear emphasis on primarily warmer, more human elements rather than those mechanized ones previously favored on with but for the notable exception of their characteristically autotuned vocals.Whilst their path began before this album, it is through this project of tunes and films that they defined their platform, which in turn became a launch pad.The robots learned to cry whilst teaching humans how to dance, and in doing so they simultaneously defined and denied genre.For the promotion of the duo would wear face masks and endeavor to conceal their physical identities.The concept of anonymity and full engagement of the artistic persona was explored with varying degrees of style and panache.This collection is less to do with the sounds of a band’s formative years, and more to do with children listen to music.Usual conventions were unlearned and new avenues were opened.Bangalter described his album better than any mere observer: “This album takes a playful, fun, and colorful look at music.It’s about the idea of looking at something with an open mind and not asking too many questions.


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