Dietary Supplement Research Paper

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We assumed in the paper that The data from Table 2 suggest statistically significant dependence between the sex of the studied population and their knowledge about the diet and supplementation in sport.Most of the subjects did not know what kind of DS was included in group A.Qualitative variables were expressed by means of quantity and indicators of the structure.

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However, DS lack single uniform definition within the scope of legal or nutritional sciences.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) defines food supplements as concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect intended to supplement a normal diet [3].

Most of the subjects did not undertake any physical activity and 47.56% actively engaged in physical activity.

Table 1 presents the details of the study population.

Vast number of people do not tell the difference between medication and DS frequently administering different groups of preparations at the same time neglecting possible interactions between the substances contained in them [8].

According to the studies, about half of the adult US population uses some form of DS, and a similar prevalence is likely to occur in many other countries despite economic, regional, and cultural differences [9].

However, a dietary supplement lacks single uniform definition within the scope of legal or nutritional sciences.

Data on the usage of dietary supplements in Europe are still limited.

Statistical analysis was performed using the STATISTICA 13.1.

The result of the statistical test was the test probability (p), with small values indicating the statistical significance of the considered dependence.


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