Different Types Of Love Classification Essay

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An individual deserves different friends that represent various stages of their life.

The loyal best friend is the most important friend.

Vacations are a time we use to recharge our batteries.

A time to spend with the ones you love and build lifelong memories.

These vacations are usually based on historical significance or experiencing other cultures.

Whether it’s the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D. or the Colosseum in Rome, people travel for the excitement of seeing new places and learning how the rest of the world lives.The friendship promotes respect and integrity, as there are no third party friends to inspire drama.The friend that is cooler that you are a friend considered more interesting, social and fun that you.The adventurer friend is one that is always ready for anything.They are highly enthusiastic and more often than not manage to infect one with their energy and excitement.The friend allows one to be disorganized; careless and even messy, they know all the dark and deepest secrets of the other and try at all cost to make one consider of their behavior.However, they are always there and love one despite all.However, they may also be a curse in that one cannot seem to keep them off.One may not meet with them often or be close friends anymore, but they bring about comfort, familiarity, and fun when present.Nevertheless, it continues to be friends later in life.These friends may either be a blessing in that they bring fond memories and instigate familiarity.


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