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It's fairly corny to think of the dissertation as a journey, but when you finish it and look back, it's a pretty good analogy.The reflecting move, which is typically the first paragraph of the acknowledgments section, is where you can let the reader know a little about your journey through the process, its challenges, how you overcame them, and what you learnt.

The problem statement clarifies, outlines, limits, and brings into focus a distinct image of the problem to be investigated in your dissertation.

The statement of your problem reflects your particular theoretical or conceptual framework. Concentrate on what is unknown or is missing from the literature.

It’s not enough to have a great idea for a dissertation topic.

You must concisely lay out the (who cares if you solve this problem).

Expand your searches if your results are too narrow. Include the date of your search, the search terms you use and the databases you search, as well as the pertinent results.

Update your searches for new information every six months. When your searches start yielding the same results and when the names in the references of the articles you find are familiar, it’s time to shift from searching to making meaning of the articles you’ve gathered. Read the abstracts and skim articles rather than reading word-for-word.Read more When you start thinking about writing your dissertation, you may feel underprepared and clueless about how to begin a project of such daunting scope. , the Gremlin is the inner voice that abhors change and demands the status quo.Having been accustomed to an educational structure, do you suddenly feel on your own without any support? It is what keeps you from moving forward and achieving your goals. What are the negative messages your gremlin uses to sabotage your efforts?The final revision is the very last step in your dissertation journey.You must respond to your committee’s requests and polish your manuscript so that it represents you in the best possible light. Then just put one foot in front of the other and wade through the swamp until you reach firmer ground.In terms of word count, this part of the acknowledgments section will probably be around 30% of the word count dedicated to the acknowledgments section.Since such sections tend to be between 100 and 200 words, we would suggest writing between 30 and 60 words.But the more you read, the more confused you seem to become! What do you do with the piles of information you have collected?There are so many directions to pursue, so many more interesting articles to read. When you seem to have lost sight of your focus, and your topic changes with each new idea you find, you have lost your way in the Literature Fog.Of course, if you're university or department has told you how long this section should be, take their advice!To complete this part of the Acknowledgements section, you need to address the following three questions: Some of the more obvious challenges include: (a) the dissertation being a new process; (b) getting access; (c) time pressures; (d) learning new skills/techniques; and (e) financial pressures.


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