Dissertations Using Secondary Research

You can do it using primary and secondary research.

The survey is employed by scientifics very often, it is one of the most popular ways of collecting materials.

This type of gathering data is popular among sociologists.

The results which you can get thanks to experiment will be analyzable in order to test hypotheses.

Experiment requires a lot of costs & very detailed design. Observational approaches are ways of collecting data in which researchers only observe a phenomenon & don’t interfere.

Authors of papers usually employ observations in anthropology, social sciences, etc., when it is important to watch the behavior of the subject of the study in the natural environment, circumstances.

A survey collects the data from responses to some series of different questions.

An interview is a special type of collecting information in the form of one-on-one conversation on a special topic which involves the subject of the study and the researcher.

It goes in a form of short answers to particular questions which the interviewer asks.

Some papers require devoting a whole chapter, in other fields one may make less emphasis on it.

Explain your principals & kinds of methods, devoting a few pages to it.


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