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She stood for human rights, overcame obstacles, and made the world better.II Retinal Prosthesis System ("Argus II") is also known as the bionic eye or the retinal implant.Mother Theresa could have lived a comfortable life as a nun, not worrying about helping the poor in India. A doctor who stumbles through an airport at midnight, straps in for the longest plane ride imaginable, gets sick in a foreign country, but pushes on. They fly to countries to repair cleft lips and palates (splits in the lip and roof of a mouth created when tissue does not join together properly). After five years, Malala started to give speeches, wrote a book, and won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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It is believed by the BLLF that he was killed for his work trying to free the child slaves. A hero does the right thing, even when it’s not popular.

In short, Iqbal is a modern hero and his life was maliciously cut short because of his beliefs and work. Is it someone who wears colorful underwear and knocks over buildings, or could it be more? They do not need superhuman capabilities; they are regular people who, sensing a need, are brave enough to elicit change.

” A year later, she blogged about the Taliban’s continued destruction of girls’ rights.

Speaking out, she gained respect and received multiple awards despite her youth. Months after the attack, Yousafzai and her father founded the Malala Fund, a non-profit organization aimed at protecting girls’ rights to education.

With the Red Cross being the largest humanitarian network, they have helped 299 million people this past year.

The American Red Cross spends approximately .5 billion every year assisting people they do not even know.These volunteers are not just helping in other countries, they are right here in South Dakota, in Sioux Falls.My family and I have had experience with the Red Cross, and they made a huge difference in our lives.The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is celebrated around the world each Dec. Below are the winning essays: Twenty-nine thousand. If we get sick, we have access to medicine that cures within a few hours. To most these are luxuries, luxuries that Mother Teresa dreamed to share with her community. Malala wrote about why she believed girls should have an education.You may not recognize her, unlike Batman or Wonder Woman, because she used her super powers in a whole different way. An innocent doctor with a yearning to help those in need. The life of someone who does not have access to healthcare or someone who can operate on them. He works with a nonprofit organization called Rotaplast. This was not a popular opinion in her country; she was identified and shot in the head. Not only did she come back, but she came back stronger, not with violence, but with the urge to help girls in need of education.She was the example of someone who recognized the basic needs of humans and stepped forward. The fact that one is willing to sacrifice for another and make sure they have the same liberties as everyone else is like a breath of fresh air. This world would be miraculously different if, like Malala, we all worked for what we wanted.She took a leap and made a difference in her community by giving all that she had so that others could enjoy these simple rights as well. There are still 130 million girls that are not attending schools, and it is my turn to help.They have donated 0,000 to the recent disaster in Haiti, and have raised million for relief.The Red Cross was started to provide aid for victims of war and other natural disasters.Not everyone loved Malala, however, evidenced by Taliban death threats. In 2012, three years after her blog began, Yousafzai was traveling home from school when the unthinkable happened. In 2014, Malala became the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.Malala Yousafzai is my hero because she saw a need and courageously filled it.


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