Duke University Admission Essay

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In this post, we’ll take a look at Duke admissions, the Duke Freshman Profile (including Duke SAT and ACT scores), and more!

Thinking about making Duke University your home for the next four years? Here are some of the basics: Duke is located in Durham, North Carolina. Today, Duke currently offers fifty majors and fifty-two minors to its undergraduate class, which is divided between the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, and the Pratt School of Engineering. For the Class of 2022, only 8.6% of applicants were accepted.

Duke is an extremely selective school–this year Duke received 37,330 applications, which is an 8% increase in applications comparable to that of its ivy league peers like Harvard and Yale.

Admission into Duke isn’t for your average student.

Every school and every grading system is different, but don’t worry too much about that.

The Duke admissions committee will do their best to evaluate your scores fairly, no matter where you went to high school! My father is a fifth-generation Californian whose family journeyed across Death Valley in the 19th century.My aunts are Taiwanese and Singaporean, and my cousin is Italian.One in which I spoke English, the other in Vietnamese.With such a unique combination of cultures in my family, I found myself suspended between worlds, not wholly a part of one or another.Well…this is probably a good time for the Freshman Profile! You may not be able to go back in time and change your grades from freshman year, but there are also other things you have a bit more control over: letters of recommendation and admissions essays. As for admissions essays, this is your only real chance to introduce yourself, so use it wisely. from Transizion has got the scoop: “Duke is a large school with many different colleges and majors.For the former, pick a teacher that knows you well and write them a note explaining why you think you’d be great at Duke. Definitely have friends, family, and others take a look before you send it in! Going there is a great way to become a little fish in a big pond regardless of your high school experience.Here are the Duke SAT scores of the Class of 2022: As you can see, there isn’t one super-special, specific Duke SAT score that the Duke admissions committee is looking for.But, you can also see that the 75th percentile of incoming freshman scored 1560 or the new SAT. Maybe you’ve taken our SAT or ACT quiz, and you think the ACT might be a better fit for you. For students who submitted ACT scores and were admitted to Duke in 2017, the 75th percentile of the incoming freshman class scored a 35 on the ACT.I was well on my way through elementary school before I realized that not everyone eats phở regularly, and not everyone has family members strewn around the world.As I grew up, I began to notice the cultural divides all around me -- including the ones within my own family.


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