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Climate change will lead to more extreme weather-related school closings, and as a result, schools will become a hub, a place where students go occasionally when they need it.” —Shannon Brake, educator in Kansas, United States Alternately, school design won’t change much.

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Literature and math will still be taught, but they will be taught differently.

Math will be taught as a way of learning how to solve problems and puzzles.

Through forums, chat boxes and emails, our class communicates through instant mediums instead of face-to-face contact.

One final way in which this class is a model for future classrooms is in the responsibility that students have for their own education.

In literature, students will be asked what a story means to them.

Instead of taking tests, students will show learning through creative projects. You get out of their way.” —Nicholas Provenzano, educator in Michigan, United States There will be no physical campus.

The role of teachers will be to guide students in the areas where they need guidance as innovators. “Instead, students will learn in traveling classrooms, and the real world will be their campus.

Students will live together and use city libraries and city laboratories to complete a project. There’s already a model for this: Minerva Schools, a venture university.” —Hyuk Jang, educator in Busan, South Korea Students will learn that nothing is impossible.

“Schools will be multidisciplinary, with a focus on social justice. I don’t think schools will exist in the same format, with desks and chairs.

You have to change the world to change the classroom, and right now, the difference between the poor and rich districts is huge.” —Eduardo Godoy, educator in Sao Paulo, Brazil Will schools even exist in 2050? Instead, learning will incorporate virtual reality and multiple perspectives.


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