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Avoid illegal activities and school discipline problems.You are better off hanging out at the library reading than hanging out with friends engaged in illegal activities and, therefore, ending up in legal proceedings or detention.

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Christmas presents and birthday presents are yours, but a TV your parents bought and that happens to be in your room may not be. When handing over items to a friend for safe keeping, write up a hand written contract that says you are handing these items over, the date, and a list of all items, with a statement that your friend is agreeing to give these back to you within three months of your turning 18, and each of you sign it - and you keep the original, just in case your friend decides later that the items are his or hers and you need to go to court.

Could you come up with agreements such as your family agreeing to not require you to attend religious services in exchange for your not insulting their religion?

Remember that you are NOT going to live with your parents forever.

Young people between 17 and 24 years old in the USA can serve a year in the City Year program, as tutors, mentors and role models, helping children stay in school.

To apply, you must be a USA citizen or legal permanent resident alien, and have a high school or diploma or GED, or be willing to earn a GED.


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