Emergency Room Essay

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I don’t know how long it took for the ambulance to reach us that Wednesday morning.

Most hospitals use the Emergency Severity Index, a five-level system that categorizes patients on a scale from “resuscitate” (treat immediately) to “non-urgent” (treat within two to 24 hours). Rachel was nearly crucified with pain, her arms gripping the metal rails blanched-knuckle tight.

I flagged down the first nurse I could.“My wife,” I said. Something’s wrong, you have to see her.”“She’ll have to wait her turn,” she said.

But it had grown, undetected, until it was so large that it finally weighed her ovary down, twisting the fallopian tube like you’d wring out a sponge. Ramifications include ovarian loss, intra-abdominal infection, sepsis, and even death.” The best chance of salvaging a torsed ovary is surgery within eight hours of when the pain starts.* * *There is nothing like witnessing a loved one in deadly agony.

This is called ovarian torsion, and it creates the kind of organ-failure pain few people experience and live to tell about.. Your muscles swell with the blood they need to fight or run.


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