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Ok, there were only 8 boys in there, but still..." (124).Reader advisory: graphic, many typos and spelling errors, informal... Readin Cindy Crabb all grown up as I was growing up a fukd up punkkid anarcha-feminist survivor of sexual assault & abuse is partly why I felt/feel totally empowered to still claim those identities, write blog posts like zine pages, center my own healing and care plus care of others and care for the earth, feel extremely, be crafty in terms of makin simple beautifuluseful things with my hands, and live in small but poignant details of the world tho I guess I'm all grown up now too!Punk hero, distiller of science and theory and politics and complex post-traumatic stress disorder into comics & little thoughtful digestible tidbits. Then write and draw and cutnpaste and send out your self to the world, too, because that's the point.

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My favorite story is the one about planting things and not expecting to actually have the ability to make things grow, and her surprise when she did, indeed, grow food for herself.

My only complaint is that sometimes stories and events repeat themselves in other stories, as this wasn't edited down from the original publication in zine format.

As I read her entries, which read somewhat like a diary, I kept feeling that this should be required reading for everyone!

Her piece on consent was amazing and instructive for men and women.

I had read a few issues of Doris zine, but had no idea she had published this anthology.

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It manages to keep that gritty, cut & paste feel of the zine, even in book format.I went through Dori The Encyclopedia of Doris is a collection of Cindy Crabb's zines, written over a 10-year period.I went through Doris with a highlighter and marked everything that touched my soul: from Crabb's tendency to wear a tiara on shitty days to how she views the world.Absolutely one of the best books I have read in a long time.It took me about three months because it hit a chord so strongly at times I had to put it down for self preservation.The brand-new anthology of the ever-popular zine, Doris!Includes issues 19-27 as well as some extra new material.Cindy writes at length about feminism, her mother's death, friendship, and heartache.My favorite story is the one about planting things and not expecting to actually have the ability to make things grow, and her surprise when she did, indeed, grow food for hersel I was pleasantly surprised to find this book at my library!She helps us make sense of more complex things li The brand-new anthology of the ever-popular zine, Doris!She helps us make sense of more complex things like the satisfaction from doing useful work, natural curiosity, the ability to use logic, gender dynamics, introspection, the need for challenge and change, combating depression and creating art and literature.


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