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For instance, in , how would people treat Crooks differently?Well, they wouldn’t be allowed to segregate him, be racist towards him, threaten him. In fact, because of his learning and his abilities, he may well have been in charge of a team of his own. You can find the passage in starting with “Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off.” and it ends with “‘So that’s what Curley picks for a wife.'” Things to do with Curley’s Wife.That means you have three-quarters of an hour to write about both questions on “Of Mice and Men”.

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So, a good question to have in your mind is ‘how different would the novel be if it were set in England right now?

’ Then you can see what things are important and think about why.

It just reinforces how different she is and how she is not cut out for life on a farm. I know I have left a lot out of this response, but that is the way that it is when you only have ten minutes to address a topic. The next half of my close focus would be on George’s, Lennie’s and Slim’s responses to her.

Then I would have to focus on the second half of the question about attitudes to women. The main purpose, then, of your close response, is to show that you can interpret evidence and you can read the text carefully.

Curley is another example of using aggression to cover up the fear within his mind, as he over abuses his power to control his wife.

Lennie is also example of using his aggression to cover up his fear of losing George and being lonely.Then I think about the events that caused Crooks to be treated like this – the racist laws, the oppression of black people, the small-minded attitudes, the life on the farm, the lack of job stability, the Great Depression. “…the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off.” “A girl was standing there looking in.” “She had full, rouged lips” “wide-spaced eyes” “heavily made-up” “Her fingernails were red.” “Her hair hung in little rolled clusters” “She wore a cotton housedress and red mules…They all have a part to play in how Crooks is treated. First, pick out everything to do with Curley’s Wife from the passage that is to do with the question. little bouquets of red ostrich feathers” “Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality.” “she put her hands behind her back…It says a lot about her as a character, that she has chosen such a colour. She’s also “heavily made up” which tells us that she is not what she seems on the surface.She is presented as a temptress, seductive and overtly feminine, and yet in a way it seems that she is just using her clothes and appearance as a way to get attention. She is “heavily made up” yet nobody will look at her and she has nowhere to go.His use of colour and symbolism is particularly significant in painting a picture of her as something dangerous and forbidden.Even before she enters, she “cut off” the sunshine in the doorway.Types of essays can include: Each short writing prompt can be assigned and completed in one or two homework assignments. The Unit 1 paper is 1h and 30 minutes, so you get 45 minutes on each section.Do this by picking out everything useful, then narrowing down to the most important.You can obviously practise this and it will prepare you for the exam.


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