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Traditions in today's world are like college students with computers.It isn't necessary for one to own a computer but it makes everything a lot better and easier to become successful.This is the picture of something very important We all have traditions in our lives, but most of them vary between us.

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Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, known as the patriarchs are both the physical and spiritual ancestors of Judaism.

They founded the religion known as Judaism and their descendants are the Jewish Public Opinion Survey"Have family values declined in today's society?

The Dominican Republic is a diverse country in the Caribbean.

It shares many of the same values and norms as the United States.

” fruity as succulent oranges fill the room so carefully decorated with bright greens and yellows.

It is the New Year in New Mexico, and this family is celebrating according to their traditions just like the rest of the USA.If one decides not to celebrate Christmas for any reason isn't a reason for one to make fun of that person or do anything to harm them because they think differently.This is why there are different types of people because everyone has there own experience in everything that happens to them.With this question I would like to learn if the variables that I created do have an affect on how people view modern Fiery colors dance around the citrus-tasting room, leaving a trail of vibrant fabric and food in its wake.In the aromatic swirls of spice and zest, cheers of “Feliz año Nuevo!If one isn't involved in things as another one is then this will cause a conflict.This can lead to discrimination to one another because one doesn't do what the other one does." The answer to this question would have varied answers that would depend on different variables.The hypotheses I made were based on the presumption that people have different values because of the environment they were raised in and when they were raised.Families today in America are changing by the year.New traditions and values are made everyday and each family has their own way in expressing themselves.


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