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As long as you provide citation to everything that you mention that is not common knowledge (“the sky is blue” doesn’t need a citation), as long as you put quotation marks around someone’s exact words, as long as you used your own words for text outside quotation marks, you’re not guilty of plagiarism.Detecting plagiarism is no rocket science for admissions officials and professors. When the style of writing or tone or quality of an essay changes through an essay, and seems superior to the student’s known academic standard as evident from his/her academic transcript or history, then things are obvious to them: the applicant or student is guilty.

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To be fair to the original author of your source, you could mention the source in your own text or provide a citation with footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography.

After mentioning your source and giving the proper citation, you could proceed to support or refute the original author’s idea or add to it with your own thoughts and findings. But you need not panic over every sentence, thinking it will be marked as plagiarized, although it isn’t.

The writer probably drew at least some concepts from another author’s work.

But good writers have the skill to rephrase ideas well enough that only the bare concepts are identifiable. They depend on crude copy-paste or other methods and are easily caught out.

If you’re caught plagiarizing, you could fail a class, be put on academic probation, get suspended from school, or expelled entirely.

More importantly, plagiarism is cheating, and schools do tolerate it.And as easy as it was for you to hop on Google and find that essay, it’s just as easy for your professor to do the same…and fail you. Let’s say you’re writing a paper about civil engineering and you look it up in the encyclopedia to get a definition.Second of all, many professors run essay they receive through special plagiarism-detecting software—software that’s way better at finding plagiarism than you think. If you read the encyclopedia article and explain what you learned in your paper, that’s not plagiarism.Could this introduction and conclusion have really been written by this student?Of course, not all great essays are one hundred percent original.They can tell when a student attempts to paraphrase someone’s words but fails.An educator points out that evaluators and professors are experts in particular topics and have likely read many books and papers written on those topics. ,” in order to get to the minimum word length required for their essay.Professors also check the file properties of the paper when in doubt, such as the date on which the file was created, when it was last edited, and who last saved the file. Some applicants are careless enough to provide outdated information, such as “our current President, George W. ” Some others mix up citation styles among Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.They are immediately suspicious when this data doesn’t show the applicant as the user. Bush” or “the Soviets have recently made this discovery . A few expose themselves by shifting between US and British spellings.If you just find someone else’s work and say it’s your own, you’re not actually learning anything. When you finish school, that’s knowledge that you missed out on, stuff you needed to know for the real world. Plagiarism is a serious thing and you want to make sure to avoid it at all costs.Sure, you won’t use everything you learn in high school and college, and you might save some time on an assignment by plagiarizing, but is it worth risking all that time and money and your reputation? Note: Did you know you could win a ,000 scholarship for college or grad school just by registering on College Xpress?


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