Essay About Romantic Love Is A Poor Basis For Marriage

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"It can't be wrong when it feels so right," a song popularized in the 1970's suggested.Somehow, we have come to believe that emotions are indicators of reality and, to contradict them is tantamount to hypocrisy.doing right because it is right) toward life is sub-spiritual and that only a feeling orientation (i.e.

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Marriages are predicated, consequently, on each partners pledge to commit themselves to act toward the other in a certain way, the way God's word calls "love." Even if the warm fuzzies of romance are absent; even when the novelty of the relationship has lapsed into the familiar; even when the initial emotional intensity has leveled off, a couple can still cultivate a loving, satisfying, and God-honoring relationship that is based on a mutual commitment to the other's welfare and obedience to the word of God.

In fact, that is the marital ideal, according to the Bible.

It was once generally accepted that man's greatest problem was pride, an inordinate self-interest.

Now society tells us that man's greatest problem is that he thinks, not too highly of himself, but too lowly.

Undoubtedly, because this husband had promised, before God, to love his wife until death, his hypocrisy was in the act of deserting his wife, not in staying with her and fulfilling his marriage vows.

The world says, "at least he was honest." God's word says, "he was supremely dishonest, for he broke the vow he had made before God." Have you ever thought about such a familiar scenario as I've described from this Biblical perspective? In fact, many Christian's would be surprised to know that the Bible says nothing about a kind of love one "falls into." Without question, most people believe that it is wrong to get married when romantic love is absent.

Someone says, "I would have been at church yesterday, but I didn't feel very spiritual and I didn't want to be a hypocrite." May I suggest that the person who has "named the name of Christ" in public profession acts hypocritically by staying home, not by contradicting his emotions, because his action is inconsistent with the profession he made to follow Jesus Christ.

The prevalent idea that a behavior orientation (i.e.

The need for clear-headed, Biblical thinking about love in this day of disintegrating families, pandemic divorce, and domestic redefinition cannot be exaggerated.

Let's highlight some of the most popular myths and "old wives' fables" regarding love. Most people, like poor Woody Allen, are miserable because they look for love in all the wrong places.


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