Essay About Someone Rescuing A Drowning Man

Essay About Someone Rescuing A Drowning Man-4
As the current was very swift and strong and was following in opposite direction, it looks several minutes but finally I came to the bank with the boy safely.The boy had drunk a good deal of water and he was completely unconscious. Thank God that water gurgled out and the boy became conscious.

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I got nervous for a few seconds but I did not leave my effort.

This time I caught him by the neck and started dragging him to the bank.

I had done a sacred duty by saving a precious life.

My parents felt proud of me and they also patted on my back.

Thank God who gave me enough courage to save the boy?

There is a story told and retold in the Middle East about how to help someone who’s drowning. He was not much of a swimmer and was in real danger of drowning. They were standing at the edge of the water, each of them urgently shouting out to him: The man was battling the waves and ignored their urgent plea. The crowd turned towards the saint and asked in complete puzzlement: “How were you able to reach him when he didn’t heed our plea?A big crowd had gathered in between and all were patting on my back.The boy’s parents, who were at the edge of losing their son, embraced me with tears in their eyes.Therefore, those who were elderly were bathing peacefully in the shallow water near the river bank. Soon I noticed that a few naughty young boys turned to be noisy and started splashing water on one another.But the young children were very excited and once they stepped into the river, they hardly obeyed their parents. Sometimes they dropped one of the friends and threw him in deep water.Ringer said he couldn’t be more grateful for the animal’s help."I went home and kissed my babies," he said. I am very fond of taking bath in rivers or canals and very often go for these purposes, sometimes with my friends and sometimes alone.He kept going under and was clearly struggling to take another breath. ” The saint calmly said: Let us remember not to ask anything of someone who is drowning. It was the first time I had seen him since turbulent events in my own life, and he lovingly asked about that. Calmly he walked up to the water, waded in up to his knees, glanced lovingly at the drowning man, and said: Much to everyone’s surprise, the drowning man reached out and grabbed the saint’s hand. The drowning man sat up at the edge of the water, breathing heavily, looking relieved, exhausted, and grateful."Then I heard the dog bark on the dock."The yellow Labrador jumped into the water and Ringer was able to grab the animal’s collar as the pup pulled him to shore. "When I saw the dog was coming in, I was skeptical thinking I am going to drown this dog while he was trying to save me," Ringer said. "It was almost effortless for him to pull me in."The heroic dog belonged to the owner of the property where Ringer had been working.


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