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You’re an expert at looking stylish, or at least just presentable, on a budget.

You’re an expert at looking stylish, or at least just presentable, on a budget.

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As a kid, there was very little I could do to get money as I was unable to get a job, but my siblings and I would often come up with ideas for getting extra cash.

Once, four of us had a pretty decent run reselling candy to kids at school, until the school administration and our parents shut us down.

Assuming you make it out of poverty, as an adult you know you don’t need to have the latest $600 phone, and you know that a shirt that costs $20 can look just as good as one that costs $70.

You learn to value objects, but you don’t use them as a measure of your worth.

When you’re poor, the few things you have mean a lot to you, and you know how to take care of them well.

But you also know that while things have value, they don’t hold that much importance.(Hey, being poor doesn't stop you from having a teenager's priorities.Clothes food.) It took weeks and weeks of saving and being hungry throughout the school day, but eventually I would be able to go to Ross and get a new top for something like .Though we didn’t have much when I was a child, I understood how lucky I was.I may not have had the newest gadgets and toys that my classmates had, or new clothes, or stories about going to exotic places over the summer, but I had family, a place to live, food, and basic household appliances.Everything is always properly budgeted for, and probably know how much is in your bank account right now without looking.You know how to manage your money, as best as you can, because your parents did the same when you were a kid.If going out and doing fun things was too much of a burden, we would find our own entertainment at home.When you don’t have much, you realize that what you do have is enough.There were two possible options when you needed money for something: You could either go without what you needed, or find a way to get the money.If you chose to pursue the latter option, you've might try working extra hours, selling your possessions, or borrowing money.


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