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They are the second largest ethnic tribe in Turkey.During the Ottoman Empire, the Kurdish people and the Turks lived peacefully.

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At the same time, the Turkish ideas were encouraged.

The national language of the country proposed was Turkish.

The first president of the republic of Turkey introduced modern ideologies and western culture with the hope of bringing social stability into the country.

The traditions and policies established during Ottoman Empire were abolished.

Throughout the following years, any move by Kurds to set up an autonomous state was ruthlessly suppressed.

Even-though the current situations of the Kurdistan might seem very sympathetic full of torture and denial by other foreign states to independency that’s their right.In the recent past, the Turkish government has sought to resolve the Kurdish issue by trying to build infrastructure in the southeastern region.Nonetheless, there is chance that the Kurdish people will still revolt because the real issues have not been resolved.Currently, the ban of Kurdish language has been repealed.Education has also been emphasized amongst the Kurds.Their unique culture and traditions makes them outstanding in many regions.Interestingly, at 30 million, they are the largest ethnic group that does not have their own nation.Ethnic fights were rare, and actually, Kurds enjoyed a unique position due to their functional self-governments.Unfortunately, the Kurdish issue or question came about after the rise of the Republic of Turkey.Though there have been some success in such revolts, many people have lost their lives in the process.Further still, development of infrastructure has been rare in the southeastern regions of Turkey; where the Kurdish people reside.


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