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We blind ourselves to the face that he/she really hasn’t changed and is still repeating old patterns of behaviour.We blind ourselves to the fact we disagree with the other person on things that are of great significance – spiritual beliefs, feelings about marital counseling, or core values.Unfortunately for us, by the time we realize our oasis is nothing but a pile of sand, we are usually already in too deep.

Blind love can be a hurtful experience, or one that is misleading.

One example of blind love is being in love with someone who will provoke you into doing things you would not normally do.

Why do you think so many people return to the same bad relationships? (and I issue, they never dealt with their need to be in love. I never dealt with the underlying issues that made me feel incomplete without someone to attach myself to, and so I remained blind and I didn’t see things that were glaringly obvious to onlookers: the emotional roller coasters, the exploitation, the verbal abuse.

And, instead, I saw only what would keep me hanging around, the things that would justify in my own mind why this was someone worth falling for.

My track record with choosing relationships is not and by “not great” I mean it’s pretty horrific.

In both myself and my friends I’ve seen a range of relationships that go from good to mediocre to straight-up abusive.The narrator and his wife were in the kitchen talking, and then the wife says “If you love me, you can do this for me. But if you have a friend, any friend, and the friend came to visit, I’d make him feel comfortable” (116).To show that her husband , Shakespeare vividly illustrates the destructive nature of vengeance, when Othello's genuine love for his Desdemona is turned against himself by Iago's propaganda.And while his actions certainly speak to these points, it is his misunderstanding of the people and the relationships presented to him in this story which show most clearly his tragic flaw: while Robert is physically blind, it is the narrator that cannot clearly see the world around acquired a better comprehension of Easter and its significance through the Gospel of Luke.The Gospel of Luke begins with Jesus traveling to the land of Jericho to continue his ministry.Would it not be assumed that, had I been in a position of being fully aware and had not yet put on the “rose-tinted glasses,” I would have pegged these guys as aggressive/distant/insensitive/dangerous and would have run as fast as I could in the other direction? And I think, deep down, we all have a natural desire for a partner, someone to share life with, someone to make us feel loved, protected, and, most importantly, . And in some of us (especially when we are in a vulnerable place) this desire becomes a need, and when we need something, we will do anything to get it, and our mind may even begin to play tricks on us.It’s like the cartoon character trudging through the desert feeling thirsty and hopeless until on the horizon he sees beautiful palm trees and a hammock next to a crystal clear pool of fresh water, but as we all know, this vision isn’t real; it is imagined – it is his thirst that makes him susceptible to such a mirage, his .she completed high school and currently in college to become a zoologist and society says they can’t make looks the blind are right when they love to prove people raise a child and be blind it takes strength, courage, responsibility, and self motivation to do all that all the blind really middle of the story, the narrator is discriminatory towards blind people but suddenly feels the need to make Robert feel comfortable just because it will please his wife.It makes one incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, and often the person who is the recipient of this kind of blind love will take advantage of this circumstance.It can be as simple as having them do all the housework, cooking and catering to them, or can be a more serious situation, such as asking them to perform illegal wrongdoings.


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