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’ (Act III Scene i) It is during the trial scene and the scenes immediately preceding it that his obsessive hatred towards Antonio now becomes apparent.

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Another striking example that portrays Shylock as a typical villain who is cruel is in Act 4, Scene 1, where time and again, Shylock turns down all offers of money for his revenge on Antonio. I crave the law, The penalty and the forfeit of my bond." Act 4, Scene 1.

Even after Portia pleads for mercy for Shylock to rip his bond and grant mercy to Antonio, Shylock refuses, making himself seem cruel and unmerciful.

Shylock's bloodthirstiness is further emphasized later in the scene when Bassanio asks "Why dost thou whet thy knife so earnestly?

" Act 4, Scene 1, to which Shylock replies, "To cut the forfeiture from the bankrupt there." Act 4, Scene 1.

This alone would be considered by most to be cruel and unlawfully disproportionate.

Furthermore, when Shylock finds out that his daughter has taken his money and run away with a Christian, he is more concerned with the loss of valuables than his daughter.

Shylock's character is set as an outsider from others in Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice by the mere fact that he is a Jewish person among many of the Christian faith.

This fact alone sets him apart from others in addition to his practice of usury, a profession that is contrary to the Christian belief.

He asks for an extreme repayment of nine times the value of the loan, but did not stop there.

He also asks for a pound of flesh if the amount was not paid in full.


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