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As a result, their college work might be affected or their general performance at uni.

If you start having sleeping problems when you get to your dormitory, it might be caused by college homesickness.

Some of the most disheartening symptoms associated with college homesickness are anxiety and depression.

The scary part about the ordeal is that sometimes missing home can develop into a serious mental disorder.

Read our thorough guide with tips, tricks and solutions below.

Experiencing college homesickness is completely normal. It's most likely the first time in your life when you no longer live with your parents or benefit from the comfort provided at home.They are accustomed to seeing their family on a daily basis, and the friends they grew up with at least once every few days.However, moving to another city doesn't mean you are leaving them behind.Yes, it will be totally different from your hometown life.No, it won't be like all the Hollywood college movies.​As a freshman studying in a new city or country, there are high chances that you will experience college homesickness at one point or another.You might have difficulties adapting to campus life; essays can become excruciating and, frankly, you might not know where to start with your newfound freedom.In a nutshell, uni life is usually a blend between the two, depending on what kind of activities you want to take part in.You should be aware that your old friends won't be physically by your side, but that it is an opportunity to meet new friends you have lots in common with.Don't hesitate to pack some items that will make you feel like home in your dorm.Here are a few examples of comfort items that can help: Now that we have covered the basics of college homesickness let's talk about the solutions.


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