Essay On Life In A Big City

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The first reason why so many people leave small towns and villages for larger cities is vast education and career opportunities.Obviously, a small town is not capable of providing so many schooling facilities, working places and decent salaries.

While being in a non-stop rush, Los Angeles residents spend a huge amount of their time on the road.

There are two reasons for that: large distances leading to long hours of commuting and heavy traffic resulting in jams.

Meanwhile, education costs will vary independently on the location.

For example, the College of Wooster costs about $49,780 per year 2012-2013(housing and dining included) (The College of Wooster 2012) while California State University, located in Los Angeles charges about $32,654 for the equal package (California State University 2012).

Night-life fans are offered a huge quantity of dance clubs.

Wooster, on the contrary, being a home to the Wooster College and the Ohio State University, may boast numerous cafes, bars, antique shops, golf and country clubs and Ohio Light Opera performances in summer (Trip Advisor).

Contemporary life offers vast opportunities for seeking one’s dream place of habitation.

Some people prefer to escape from loud and crowded cities and enjoy quite loneliness and calm being in a village, while others tend to settle down in metropolises with their plentiful opportunities.

In summary, living in a big city has many advantages.

However, you have to try your best to overcome all difficulties such as hard competition in workplace or polluted environment.


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