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In this regard, a few of the reasons for and against medical malpractice caps have been provided hereunder.For It would assist in controlling various costs related to health care Doctors are often forced to exercise defensive medicine; i.e.Malpractice/negligence and liability Malpractice/negligence and liability Introduction: The concerned nursein the case was working in a critical care unit, but was later accused of diverting the narcotics for personal use.

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According to Nurses Service Organization, medical malpractice claims can be asserted against healthcare providers including......?

Malpractice/Negligence and Liability Malpractice/Negligence and Liability Negligence, in nursing and medical terms, may be defined as a failure to take action in certain situations as a rationally sensible person would have if presented with similar circumstances (Leonhardt, 2009).

Medical professionals may not be held accountable for a pre-existing complaint; however, the worry of a pre-existing complaint may be considered negligence.

On the part of doctors, nurses and medical care professionals in hospitals may result in patient harm / injury and even death.

Costs of hospitals, nursing homes, physician visits, physical therapy, ambulances, wheelchairs, appliances, and so on are examples of medical costs.

Non-medical......Medical Negligence & Malpractice Like every profession, medicine has its own set of professional ethics.

In this case, every nurse in the health facility has the personal responsibility of documenting the time, details and dosage that has been administered to each patient.

In the above case, the authorities in the health facility discovered a discrepancy that the written documents could not reconcile with the electronic date record (Lyer & Aiken, 2001... Organizations are responsible for the goods they produce and where applicable are liable for legal harm sustained.

However, due to the complexity of these incidences and their extending factors have rendered them multifarious to the extent the involved parties some do not get justice.

Since, numerous cases end up dismissed besides the accused that include the professionals and their respective employers incur extremely high defense expenses. The Impact of Defense Expenses in Medical Malpractice Claims. ..., they are bound to providing proper medical treatment.


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