Essay On Oral And Written Communication

Body language is an important component of effective oral communication.

The student should adopt a stable and confident posture, make appropriate gestures, avoid being fidgety and establish eye contact during the presentation.

Communication skills inculcate professionalism in speaking styles, ways of self-expression and attitudes towards others, and these traits would hold students in good stead in their professional lives.

Dynamics of Oral Communication The hallmark of a good student communicator is that he has mastered the art of preparing, organizing and delivering successful oral presentations.

An aspiring oral communicator should be willing to acquire and hone his listening skills over a period of time.

The Path to Effective Oral Communication Oral communication is an art that can be learnt and polished through reading, presentation skills and practice.

Oral communication includes real-time presentations, video presentations and interviews, with accompanying visual aids such as handouts and power-points. The substance of the presentation should be relevant to the audience and goals of the presentation.

Self-awareness is the starting point of good oral communication.

A person may know the subject and yet not communicate adequately if he lacks confidence.

Simplicity in messaging is indispensable for good communication as assimilation of the message is directly proportional to clarity of its presentation.


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